Nanjing Serving The World

Enjoying the reputation of “Metropolis of Ten Dynasties & Capital of Six Dynasties”, Nanjing is one of the key cities involving business, trade, finance, tour and logistics in Changjiang Delta and was evaluated by Forbes as the best business mainland in 2007, ranked three in this sort of city list.

Nanjing has taken the opportunity of building ‘National Service Outsourcing Model City’ and ‘National Famous Software City’, issuing the outsourcing preferential policies, speeding up the public service platform construction and introducing vigorous service outsourcing enterprises from outside. Nearly 20 Top 500 Global corporations like IBM, Sodexo, Colliers International, Suttie, Neusoft and Chinese 10 Leading Outsourcing Enterprises like ChinaSoft International, VanceInfo, iSoftStone, beyondsoft,WuXi AppTec have settled down in Nanjing. By the end of 2012, the value of outsourcing service contracts under execution amounts to USD6.37 billion, the offshore outsourcing contracts under execution amounts to USD2.76 billion, ranking in the forefront of the Outsourcing Model Cities in Jiangsu province and even all over the country.


Infrastructure Superiorities Nanjing is one of China’s important domestic communication centers and has established three dimensional correspondence networks connecting with the world, including the mobile communication, the optical fiber digital communication, the network correspondence, and is providing multi-channel and most perfect correspondence disaster service. It can provide users Gigabit fiber line access. Its water, land and spatial transportation is convenient and has cleared 120 routes to 42 main cities inland, 19 international and 2 local cities. All these factors make Nanjing to become provincial major mode in the information superhighway along the middle and down the Yangzi River.

Talented People Superiorities Nanjing has 53 universities, 716 thousands undergraduates and nearly 200 thousands graduates annually. There are nearly 250 thousands service outsourcing employees.

Openness Superiorities By 2012 113 countries and regions have invested in Nanjing and 167 projects were invested by 93 Top 500 Global corporations. The FDI in Nanjing adds up to USD 33 billion.

Environment Superiorities Nanjing is called as ‘the National Outstanding Traveling City’, ‘the National Botanical Garden City’, ‘the National Health City’ and gains the special honorary award from the United Nations for its living environment. Nanjing afforests rate reaches 45%, almost the largest among Chinese big cities.


Service Diversification The outsourcing executive value of application software development and technical support accounts for 59.4% ; application software research and development, the test, the technical support accounts for 14.8%; industry (project) designs accounts for 9.8%; and other service outsourcing area such as animation, biological medicine, finance accounts approximately for 16%.

Enterprises Clustering There are 5 state-level Service Outsourcing Model Districts and 3 province-level Service Outsourcing Model Districts in Nanjing. 90% service outsourcing enterprises gathers in the above districts.

Talented People Concentration Employees in the 113 enterprises with more than USD 10 millions service outsourcing output amounts to nearly 100 thousands, accounting for more than half of the total number of service outsourcing employees in Nanjing.

Market Multiplication There are 42 countries and areas with more than USD 10 millions offshore service outsourcing output annually. On the whole city view, the outsourcing volume from Southeast Asia, North America and the European area accounts respectively for 12.5%, 22.2%and 17.1%, while the outsourcing contract volume from Top 500 Global corporations like Siemens, Fujitsu, NEC, Ford and Top 100 Chinese Corporations like China telecom, China mobile, China Unicom and State Grid account for nearly 50%.

Industry formalization There are 113 service outsourcing enterprises with executive value surpassing USD 10 million and their executive volume accounts for nearly 80% of the whole city volume. The enterprises with more than USD 50 million executive value amount to 25. 1261 enterprises passed the software enterprise authentication; 154 enterprises passed CMMI3 or above; 7 enterprises are listed as China Growing Service Outsourcing Enterprises Top 100.


From 2011 to 2015 an annual CNY100 millions of city-level finance is specially prepared to support the development of service outsourcing industry:

  Encourage introducing in famous international service outsourcing enterprises
  Encourage service outsourcing enterprises to build their own brands
  Reward key outsourcing enterprises and growing outsourcing enterprises
  Reward training professional technical personnel and introducing in senior technical managerial personnel
  Encourage service outsourcing enterprises to obtain internationally recognized certifications
  Support establishing public service platforms
  Support service outsourcing enterprises exploiting the international market

Nanjing Municipal Government takes the promotion of the development of service outsourcing industry as an important strategy to upgrade its industrial structure and transform its mode of economic growth. In future, Nanjing will surely become a modern wisdom municipality, serving both China and the world!